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READ | A significant aspect in health & safety, sadly neglected

Emergency Lighting 0
Emergency lighting and in particular, escape route lighting and markings are perhaps the most neglected aspect in adherence to regulatory requirements in buildings.  Research over the past two years on a national basis clearly illustrates the majority of installations falling short of complying to compulsory National Building Regulations. More worrying, is the lack or misunderstanding of the requirements of the Regulations. This being the case in both the private and public sectors. Many building owners seem to be under the impression that they are compliant, which is mostly not the case. Nei...

DISCOVER | Eaton's Air Circuit Breakers

Eaton Air Circuit Breaker
Air Circuit Breaker - IZMX/INX series Eaton's IZMX/INX series meet the needs of low-voltage energy distribution and the increased demands with new materials and a modified construction. The compact sizes minimize non-revenue generating floor space and make higher demands on the integrated components. Two compact sizes facilitate smaller switch panels. The modular design and common accessories allow for easy panel and switch board integration.  The series offers a high degree of functionality and communication capability with impressive performance. IZMX/INX series meets any need by combining ...

DISCOVER | Schneider Electric's EasyPact CVS MCCBs

Schneider EasyPact CVS
EasyPact CVS Part of Easy Series Molded-case circuit breakers (MCCB) with adjustable settings, rated from 16 to 630 A, ideal for applications in small to medium-sized buildings. The EasyPact CVS range is the easy choice for quality and value. Designed to meet the requirements of the majority of common protection applications in medium-sized buildings, the new EasyPact CVS circuit breakers deliver a level of performance and cost-saving functionality that is unusual in their price range. Features: 1. Rated current from 100 to 630 A 2. Breaking capacity from 25 to 50 kA at 400/415 V 3. 3- and 4-...

LEARN | Industrial Generators

Industrial generators
In this article, we unpack industrial generators by giving an overview of their components, benefits, power requirements, and selection & sizing criteria. Industrial Generators An industrial generator is a versatile and robust piece of equipment that is recommended for several types of industries. During a power failure, generators can be relied upon to provide electricity, even for demanding applications across all sectors. Industrial generators are designed and manufactured to operate as a continuous power source in the absence of power, or in less-than-ideal conditions. What are the ma...

DISCOVER | Siemens SIRIUS Signaling Columns

Siemens SIRIUS
On machines or in automated processes, signal towers are important visual aids for controlling complex processes. In emergency situations, they serve as visual or acoustic warning devices. They can be flexibly designed with continuous, flashing, strobe and all-round light as well as acoustic elements. Whether in modular or compact design - they are easy to install and extremely resistant to shock and vibration. Optional communication options with AS-Interface or IO-Link enable digital connection and diagnostics. Thanks to their professional signaling technology, the SIRIUS signaling columns e...


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