sineTamer surge transient

Are you tired of frequent downtime, or a rigorous equipment maintenance schedule? Are you looking for a reliable solution to protect your equipment from electricity surges and spikes?

We are an authorized SineTamer distributor
Turn to SineTamer solutions for:

  • Improved uptime
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Less damage and repair costs
  • Reduced replacement costs
  • Reduced data loss

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About SineTamer

By installing a SineTamer solution, rest assured knowing that your equipment will operate within design parameters. SineTamer protects against lightning, surge, inductive load switching and nanosecond transients.

SineTamer is the trusted choice for Surge Protection:

  • 25 year unconditional replacement warranty, including direct lightning strikes
  • Lowest let-through voltage in the industry
  • Up to 900kA per phase protection
  • Units are all internally fused
  • Units have a thermal conductive compound
  • Average ROI is less than 6 months
  • Products are bespoke
  • Improved production output
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