Genstar Emergency Lighting Solutions

Discover Genstar Emergency Lighting Solutions (GELS)
GELS specializes in producing correct health & safety emergency lighting in the work place. When correctly installed, our emergency lighting will ensure safe escape routes are clearly marked in the event of a power failure.

Emergency Lighting is far more than just a legal requirement. Correct installation of Emergency Lighting saves lives. A correctly designed and installed emergency lighting system is critical in providing employees and the public safe and quick evacuation assistance. The Genstar Emergency Lighting Solutions range of products is of superior quality and adheres to all relevant safety standards.

Types of Emergency Lighting
Although often called emergency lighting, there are different types of emergency lighting systems and installations which have different objectives and standards.

Emergency Exit Signage

The objective of emergency escape lighting is to enable a safe exit from a location/ building in the event of a power failure. This provides appropriate visual (directional) markers on escape routes and special zones, ensuring that fire fighting and safety equipment can be readily located and used.

Open Area (Anti-Panic) Lighting

Open area lighting reduces the likelihood of panic and enables the safe movement of occupants towards emergency escape routes. Our signage displays recognizable icons that adhere to international standards, thus guaranteeing appropriate visual conditions and direction finding.

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