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Market leading manufacturer of Specialised Cable Glands

The CCG industrial cable glands range is extensive and covers just about every size and type of armoured and unarmoured cables for every kind of cable gland installation. Our range of armoured and compression cable glands are designed for installation in diverse and demanding environments such as those found in the power generation, mining, industrial, construction, rail, defense and marine industries.

The Captive Component Gland® design has been recognised within these industries as the obvious choice because of the built-in safety™ and wastage saving features.

Captive Component Glands® guarantee Ex installation integrity

One of the most common ways for an installation to fail its Ex certification is through a wrongly specified or badly fitted cable gland. If the gland is ineffective, then the apparatus to which it is attached will not pass hazardous area equipment certification.

A solution to this problem is the “Captive Component Gland®” design from CCG. The “Built in Safety™” features of CCG Ex Cable Glands centre on the fact that they do not have any loose components such as seals, cones and cone rings, which can get lost during installation. All the components are held captive so the possibility of leaving out a component or fitting the wrong item is eliminated.

The “Captive Component Gland®” is also a major advantage to systems integrators, OEMs and suppliers of complete apparatus such as enclosures and light fittings - all of which are assembled with glands as part of a complete product package.

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